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How Moss is boosting their user activation

When Ante, Anton, Ferdinand, and Stephan set out to digitize spend management for mid-sized businesses across Europe, they probably didn’t anticipate becoming one of Europe’s biggest fintechs after only three years of founding the company.

The Moss founding team

Raising their 75 million Series B earlier this year, they have a hyper-focus on growing their customer base across Europe. A crucial part of their PLG motion is activating new customers as fast as possible by one click importing employees from the HRIS into Moss and making it easy to access Moss, and to assign credit cards and budgets to each employee.

To make this activation as frictionless as possible, Moss had to build native integrations with every HRIS that customers would use.

“Building our first HR integration to Workday was already more nerve-wracking than anticipated. Getting access to a sandbox environment took weeks, the tool was outdated and the documentation lacking, so it took us a lot longer than expected.”

– Ferdinand Meyer (Co-founder & CPO)

The problem: Every European country has a different HIS landscape, so there are dozens of tools that Moss would need to integrate. Yet, it already takes weeks to add even a single one of them.

With Kombo’s unified HRIS API, Moss could offer integrations to all the tools their customers are using while only investing less than a sprint of implementation time and a fraction of the cost of one engineer.

Also, with the rich metadata that our HRIS API provides, it was easy to build new features such as:

  • automatic de-provisioning when an employee leaves the company

  • automated onboarding once a new employee is created

  • automatic team allocation

From now on, Moss customers can log into their account, open the integrations tab and connect whatever system they use.

Also, as Moss is working in the highly regulated European fintech space and dealing with their customer’s most sensitive data, they have strict compliance and security requirements.

Fortunately, being a European company that has to adhere to EU regulations and keep all data within European boundaries, as well as our ISO 27001 certification, made it quick and frictionless to get green lights from the information security department and start our collaboration.

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