It's time to stop chasing integrations.

Deliver all the integrations your customers are asking for in no time — integrate Kombo's unified API for all HR, ATS, and Accounting systems used across Europe.

Never say "we don't support that yet" again.

Integrate Kombo once and give your customers access to an ever-growing suite of integrations, including the long tail of European business tools.

Supercharge your product value

For modern SaaS, a missing integration can sometimes mean the difference between a happy customer and a lost lead — we help you tick all the boxes without you distracting from your core product.


As a Berlin-based company, we care strongly about privacy and security. We are fully GDPR-compliant, host everything on European cloud infrastructure, and encrypt all data in transit and at rest.

Stellar Developer Experience

Being engineers by trade, we understand what goes into creating awesome developer experiences. That's why we have a strong focus on good documentation and intuitive API design.

Kombo is fully GDPR-compliant.

We take privacy and security very seriously and handle all customer information with greatest responsibility. All data is processed and stored on European cloud infrastructure and encrypted in transit and at rest.

Use cases

Employee Benefits

When onboarding a new customer, sync all employee data right from their core HR system. Directly react to an employee changing departments or getting a promotion.

Corporate Credit Cards

Automatically hand out or deactivate cards based on new employees being on- or offboarded. Sync all expenses into your customer's accounting in real time.

Shift Scheduling

Read and write whether someone is absent because they're out of office or sick. Sync working hours back to the core HR system and the payroll engine

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