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Kombo raises $2.5M to expand integrations portfolio and catapult growth

Alexander Kübel
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Kombo raised $2.5M to expand its integrations portfolio and catapult growth

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We’re beyond excited to announce our most recent funding round, led by 468 Capital. Since joining the Y Combinator family in June, we’ve worked hard to improve our product and acquire new customers. Now, the efforts of the past few months’ hard work show results.

468 has raised Europe’s largest seed-stage fund with over 400 million USD to invest in software products with global ambitions in Europe’s booming ecosystem and Silicon Valley. Having been in touch with 468’s partners for a long time now, they already knew our technical expertise around working with APIs and our previous successful B2B SaaS products.

Also on board are our new angel investors, including Paul Forster (Co-founder of indeed.com), Jean-Deniz Greze (CTO of Plaid) as well as Tido Carriero (former CPO @ Segment).

We’re grateful for your trust in Kombo’s vision and the support we’ve received from 468 and our angels, who immensely helped us grow our partnership- and customer base this fast over the last few weeks.

Kombo is on a mission to provide every SaaS with the ability to integrate with all of their customer’s tool-suite easily - HR tools, ERPs or CRMs. Instead of having a whole engineering team build and maintain integrations to every of their customers’ systems, companies can integrate our interface and offer dozens of integrations right out of the box.

Connectivity with a potential customer’s tech stack can make or break a deal. Customers don’t want to spend time on adding yet another tool but integrate it seamlessly with their existing setup. And with Europe’s particularly fragmented SaaS landscape, expansion into a new country takes a lot of effort without an integration provider such as Kombo.

As traction increases and significant companies such as Berlin fintech Moss or Spanish unicorn FactorialHR decide to work with us, and the requests for new categories are going through the roof, we’ll use the capital to scale our existing offering. Starting with a new hire for our partnerships team, we’ll also expand our engineering- and sales team. Stay tuned for new integrations and categories to come!

We’re excited about the journey ahead!

With much ❤️ from Berlin,
The Kombo Team


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