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Hey, we're Kombo 😊

We’re an ambitious and fun bunch of individuals dedicated to creating a product our customers will use and love. Read on to learn more about Kombo's story and history and meet the team.
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Our Story

The founding team met at university and worked together through two companies in the API space before joining Y-Combinator in 2022 to build Kombo. Their interest in the future-of-work space came from their deep technical knowledge – all of the four founders had a software engineering background prior to starting Kombo – paired with the gap they observed in the market. Legacy tools could not solve modern B2B integration problems, and existing players were not focused enough on an industry to gain depth in expertise and problem-solving for HR, payroll, and ATS data.

Fast forward to now – we're a team of 20+ working with companies of all sizes – from Fortune-500 companies down to early-stage startups – to help them integrate dozens of software vendors within days instead of months. Instead of having to get their hands on a sandbox environment, build the integration code, and figure out the edge cases dozens of times, they can use a well-documented and clean abstraction provided by Kombo once.

We grew from 0 to 2M in ARR within 18 months, and we are serving over 200 software companies using us across thousands of employers globally.

We are are looking for new team members to help us grow and scale through the next phase. Let's work together.

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A brief history of Kombo

We've come a long way from the moment Kombo was founded, and want to celebrate each milestone that got us where we are today. This list is just getting started.

Kombo was founded
Alex, Aike, and Fabi met at university and worked through two companies together before starting Kombo.
June 2022
August 2022
YC S22
The Kombo team got accepted into Y Combinator and flew to SF to learn the best practices about building a customer-obsessed company.
Seed Round
We raised our seed round from 468 Capital with participation from YC and industry-leading angels.
September 2022
November 2023
We reached our first million in ARR within 12 months of operations. We celebrated in style with our team of 10.
We doubled the team and our revenue over the span of six months. We're already looking forward to our next milestone.
May 2024
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HR Integrations
ATS Integrations
Payroll Integrations

We want to talk to you

You came to this page for a reason. Now we hope you’ll take the next step and come talk to us about whether one of our open roles is a good fit. We’re hiring talented people like you all the time.
We hope you’re next.