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Kombo is the global infrastructure layer for future-of-work integrations

Alexander Kübel
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We're excited to relaunch Kombo V2, reflecting all the growth and progress we've made over the last 18 months.

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Kombo V2

We've so far been laser-focused on learning, building, and selling. We've made tremendous progress on the product and grew our revenues accordingly – going from 0 to 2m in ARR. Now is the time to translate this into our updated positioning – global infrastructure layer for future-of-work integrations (use-cases such as B2B Finance, TA Tech, HR Tech, Benefits, Insurances).

We've honed our new positioning over the past months, and the relaunch of our website aims to reflect that and include supporting material for our position: 3+ new case-studies, 30+ customer success reviews, and a fresh new look on our website and product.

Why now?

We've gone through a lot of soul-searching, customer discovery, and aha-moments over the last 18 months – moments that powered our growth and strategy for the future.

While all our learnings have been constantly challenged and updated internally, communicating and updating all our learnings externally did not happen so naturally. With momentum in full swing – crossing 2M in ARR just 6 months after our 1M ARR announcement – we wanted to take a step back to change that.

We want to become more intentional about sharing our journey and thinking with the outside world and take this opportunity to communicate our strengthened market positioning with a wider audience.

Why focus on future-of-work integrations?

The short answer – you're only as strong as your weakest link, and we learned from our customers that integration depth, reliability, and technical expertise are key to offering a best-in-class product.

The long answer –

Kombo started in late 2022 when the four founders were accepted into Y Combinator. Over the last 18 months, the vision to unify the HR tech space through API integrations for all HRIS systems evolved to include ATS and Payroll integrations, expand vertically and geographically, and grow the team to 20+ individuals passionate about moving the space forward. In the meantime, we have gained a deep conviction that we want to put our customers first and ensure we are the best partner to serve their integration needs from the moment they decide to work with Kombo.

To best do that and offer the best solution on the market, we had to deeply understand our customers' needs and pains and become the subject-matter experts of their problems to be able to solve them.

These problems are primarily verticalized in one integration category. For example, if you are a job board, you want the best possible solution for your integration class – ATSs – and are not concerned that we also integrate with accounting or CRM tools.

Similarly, if you are a B2B fintech company, you want the deepest, most comprehensive, and reliable integration with your customers' HRISs. Whether your unified API HRIS provider offers integrations with 10+ categories matters little to you.

As an embedded product, best-in-class reliability, API surface, workflows supported, and an expert technical support team are key to enabling our customers, and we are doubling down on understanding our customers' needs very deeply to do this. We see ourselves as more than the technology infrastructure provider. By being knees-deep in the industry, we are also sparring and partnership allies for all the companies we work with.

With that in mind – we are enabling all future-of-work companies (Talent Acquisition Tech, HR Tech, B2B Fintech, Compliance, and every other company where integrations with their customers' HRIS, ATS, and Payroll systems would unlock business and product growth) to move faster by relying on our infrastructure.

We've seen the advantages of being closer than any other player to our customers time and again. We want to keep hearing their needs and building features and product improvements that are at the top of their priority list with them.

Thank you to everyone who was part of the journey so far!

To everyone who's been in our corner since day one – thank you. We appreciate all the support, candid feedback, and help we've got along the way, and we're constantly working to improve on all fronts: our customers, employees, and supporters.

0-2M ARR has been a ride we're very grateful for. 10M+ ARR, we're coming, and it's just the beginning.

With love from Berlin and SF,
The Kombo Team ❤️


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