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ATS feature launch: Automatic candidate attribution

Aike Hillbrands
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Kombo helps you attribute candidates in ATSs to your product. We do that by abstracting the required setup that is different per tool away.

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As a job board or recruiting agency, it's essential to ensure your customers can quickly identify which candidates and applications came from your platform. This is where application attribution comes in. Application attribution is the process of attaching source information to applications, usually specifying a source field during candidate creation.

While almost all applicant tracking systems support this feature, the implementation varies highly. That means some tools allow their integration partners to write any string into the source field; other applicant tracking systems require manual setup inside the ATS.

Kombo is the only integration platform that takes the complexity of source writing away from you. Turn this feature on in the Kombo dashboard, and we will automatically guide your customers through the steps of setting up a source whenever required. You can then rely on Kombo to mark your candidates with the expected source.

It's worth noting that manual attribution is also possible by passing the source parameter when creating a candidate or application. However, this approach might not work for all ATSs because an existing source with the wanted name might not exist.

In summary, automatic application attribution is a powerful feature that simplifies the process of attaching source information to applications. It's currently in closed beta, but interested users can reach out to enable this feature. With automatic application attribution, sources are automatically attached to each application created through the API, streamlining the process for job boards and recruiting agencies.


Automatic candidate attribution is currently in public beta. Please reach out to Kombo to enable this feature for you.

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